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We have implemented all major cardio diagnosis, surgery and CABG in Jinnah Hospital.

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We are open 24/7; accepting regular patients checkup and emergenies.

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Address: Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, Lahore.

Phone: +92-99231400-20,
EXT: 2401, 2409 & 2111

PA: 0333 489 5994 (M. Afzal)

Welcome to JH Cardiac Surgery Lahore

Patient Care at JH Cardiac Surgery

JH Cardiac Surgery performs more surgeries each year than any center in Punjab. Nothing surprises our caregivers. They have collectively seen and experienced everything that can happen to the human heart and vascular system, and are prepared for every situation.

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Heart Disease Updates

Heart Disease in Pakistan

  • 33% of Pakistanis above age 45 have hypertension.
  • Pakistan ranks at number 6 in terms of number of people with diabetes mellitus worldwide.
  • Prevalence of smoking has been reported to be 14-21%.

Disease Prevention

  • Primary prevention: avoids the initial occurrence by intervening before the onset of a problem.
  • Secondary prevention: Secondary prevention includes early detection and halting the progression of established but asymptomatic disease.
  • Tertiary prevention: Focuses on recovery or rehabilitation of a disease after it has developed.
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What can be done ?

Keep a check on blood pressure. Your blood pressure should not exceed 120/80. Cholesterol should be monitored as in Asian region people usually have high cholesterol levels. Total cholesterol should be less than 200.If you are an Asian and above 45 years of age, then visit a cardiologist routinely.

  • Avoid salty, spicy and overly sweet foods.
  • Eat healthy and balanced diet.
  • Stress affects your health as well. Maintain good social contacts and relationships. Work hard but on the cost of your health. Enjoy proper sleep and rest.

Heart Disease Statistics

  • TOP 5 Death Causes

    Coronary Heart Disease
    Influenza & Pneumonia
    Lung Disease
  • Disease burden of (IHD)
    in Pakistan

    Pakistan’s total population
    163 million
    Population 20 years and over (50%)
    81.5 million
    Present disease burden of IHD
    5.09375 million
  • Top Diseases in Pakistan

    Coronary Heart Disease
    Influenza & Pneumonia
    Lung Disease